Continuing Students

Students who are assigned an academic advisor/success coach through one of our advisement programs or offices are encouraged to continue receiving advisement through that program or office.  Students who remain connected to their academic advisor/coach are more likely to meet their educational goals and remain on track with their graduation plan.  Students who have lost contact with their advisor/coach, should reach out to the advisement office they used when they first enrolled in a degree program.
Students who were enrolled in either College Discovery or ASAP, should contact those offices to confirm their eligibility to remain in the programs.  Students who are informed by program staff that they are no longer eligible to participate, should contact the Student Success Coaching Unit for advisement.
Student Success Coaching Unit (SSCU)     
 Room B-208
Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP)
Room C-490
College Discovery (CD)
Room D-101