New Students

  At Hostos we’re aware that students enroll in college with different levels of preparation.  Some students enroll and know exactly which major they’d like to declare, while others are not quite so certain.  Rest assured, Hostos has faculty and staff who are dedicated to helping you choose the right major and develop a graduation plan that will help you reach your goals. 

Academic Advisement

Hostos students have the opportunity to engage in academic advisement in a number of ways.  Faculty assist students with understanding degree requirements and they address specific questions regarding fields of study.  Hostos also offers all students the opportunity to be advised by either a full-time professional academic advisor or a Student Success Coach.  Our advisors and coaches can assist students with creating graduation plans, accessing resources, exploring career options and navigating campus life. 

Students are able to access academic advisement from a full-time professional in one of three ways. 
  1. Students can apply to one of our advisement programs that offer students the opportunity to receive additional supports while completing their degree program.
  2. Students can visit the Student Success Coaching Unit.
  3. Students who are English language learners, and those who need additional support developing college-level English and math skills, have the opportunity to enroll in skills immersion programs that also offer academic advisement.                             

Advisement Programs

The two programs listed below are application-based and provide students with the opportunity to receive additional supports while completing their degree programs.

College Discovery  (CD) supports students who are interested in additional assistance throughout their academic career.  Supports provided include a pre-college summer intensive program, additional financial aid, counseling, leadership training, career services and more.  College Discovery accepts all majors. Learn more about College Discovery here.

Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) supports students who are committed to attending full-time and graduating in three years or less.  Supports provided include textbooks, MetroCards, tuition and more.  ASAP accepts students in all majors, with the exception of the Allied Health programs. Learn more about ASAP here.

Advisement Office

The Student Success Coaching Unit (SSCU) provides holistic advisement for students, both part-time and full-time. Coaches are assigned to all first-year and incoming transfer students who do not enroll in either ASAP or College Discovery.  Coaches offer programming designed to support student success, assist students with navigating campus life and help connect them to resources.  SSCU accepts all majors. Learn more about SSCU here.  

Skills Immersion Programs              

CUNY Start is a low-cost skills immersion program for students who need to meet the minimum requirements on the CUNY Assessment Tests in more than one of the following areas: math, reading, and writing. In addition to intensive instruction, CUNY Start students receive academic advisement, tutoring and two opportunities to meet CUNY proficiency standards.  Learn more about CUNY Start here.                    

The CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP) is a low-cost, intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program for CUNY students who need to improve their academic English language skills. CLIP students develop their oral communication, critical thinking, analytic and study skills while in the program.  In addition, students receive individualized support and tutoring. Learn more about CLIP here.

Hostos offers 27 degree and 2 certificate programs.  Learn  about Hostos' degree programs here.  

Counselors in our Career Services Office help students search for possible careers and how they link to Hostos’ degree programs.  Learn about the Career Services Office here.

Career Coach is a tool that helps students search for possible careers. Learn about Career Coach here.             
The Office of Admissions has caring staff dedicating to helping prospective students apply to Hostos. Learn about the Hostos application process here.