Monthly Tuition Payment Plan

If you’re not receiving financial aid or it’s not enough to cover your Fall or Spring charges, you may want to enroll in the monthly payment plan. The earlier you enroll, the lower your monthly payments since the total amount financed will be divided over more scheduled payments. The payment plan enrollment fee is $40 regardless of payment method. Please be aware that there is a 2.65% service fee on all credit/debit card transactions.

After enrollment, you now have the option to switch the payment method but this should be done at least 1 business day BEFORE the due date (5th of the month)..

Please be reminded that you must disable pop-up blockers in your internet browser in order to enroll in a payment plan.

How to Enroll

Login to CUNYfirst

  1. Student Center
  2. Financial Account (under Account Balance—Select Hostos C.C.)
  3. Payment Plan

* Please use a computer/laptop--Internet explorer, Firefox, or Chrome and disable pop-up blocker.

Launch Payment Plan Video


CUNY 15 Week Schools Flyer Summer/Fall 2021 <pdf>

Target Dates to Enroll By

Fall 2021
Last day to enroll Number of payments Months of payments [d]
June 22 6 June - November
July 22 5 July - November
August 24 4 August - November
August 31 3 September - November
September 21 3 September - November
October 22 2 October - November

Upon Enrollment, Initial Payment is comprised of First Payment and Enrollment Fee.

[d] All payments subsequent to the Initial Payment are automatically processed on the remaining scheduled payment dates. The Scheduled Payment Dates are typically on the 5th of the Month, but if the 5th falls on a weekend the payment will be processed on the following business day.