S.E.E. Initiative See, Explore, Engage

S.E.E. Initiative (See, Explore & Engage)
The S.E.E. Initiative aims to challenge the myths that are often associated by students that haven't been exposed to corporate and other work environments. Through organized site visits and on campus presentations students have the opportunity to experience and explore organizations.

S.E.E. Initiative

SEE and Believe your Dream Career is attainable
EXPLORE Career Paths through inquiry, research and professional connections
ENGAGE through company visits and internship, volunteer and employment opportunities  
  • Learn the DNA of an organization (recruitment, employment/internship opportunities)
  • Begin to identify professional preferences/challenges (self-awareness)
  • Connect and develop professional relationships (mentors)
  • Hear personal accounts of staff and manager's professional journeys
  • Understand the importance of building transferable skills
Students, Staff and Faculty have the opportunity to S.E.E. (see, explore and engage) the realities and diversities of the professional world. This exposure allow students to make informed decisions based on their professional values and preferences. In addition this initiative recognizes the importance of work culture, emotional intelligence and professionalism as it relates to the organization.

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