Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA)

The Hostos WIPA Program is a Social Security Administration (SSA) funded program that provides FREE accurate and individualized disability benefits counseling services to Social Security Disability Beneficiaries on SSI or SSDI, who want to understand how employment will affect their Social Security cash and health benefits.

Due to the COIVD-19 pandemic, the WIPA team is working remotely and all services are being conducted via distance methods. (F)

What Information will I get from WIPA counseling?
The WIPA benefits specialists, or CWICs, will review your case and provide you with information the applicable work incentives that apply to you. Social Security has many work incentives for SSI and SSDI beneficiaries designed to fit individual situations and to help beneficiaries succeed! Work incentives make it possible for you to explore work while still receiving benefits. They are designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to work and still receive medical benefits. In some cases, beneficiaries may be able to keep some or all of their benefits as they transition towards their work goals.

Is WIPA part of the Ticket to Work (TtW) Program?
The Hostos WIPA Program and the Ticket to Work partner to help beneficiaries reach their work goals.
Social Security's Ticket to Work Program supports career development for Social Security disability beneficiaries age 18 through 64 who want to work. The Ticket Program is free and voluntary. The Ticket Program helps people with disabilities connect with the needed employment support and education services. Beneficiaries will be directly referred to their WIPA through the Ticket to Work when it has been determined that disability benefits and work incentives counseling services are needed to help the beneficiary in their work goals.

Ticket to Work Help Line 1-866-968-7842 (V) or 1-866-833-2967 (TTY) Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

For more information contact Hostos CUNY WIPA at 1-800-739-0118 or



Thursday, May 13, 2021

This half-day conference will be held virtually by Hostos Community College for SSDI/SSI youth beneficiaries, their parents, and service providers working with this population. Like many others, our intended event was sidelined last spring due to the COVID-19 Pandemic; and, we are happy to have reformulated this conference to a virtual format. The conference workshops will focus around information on disclosing a disability to an employer, overviews of the PABSS & CAP programs, best practices regarding Social Security, effects of federal relief on Disability Benefits, “tips & tricks” for post-COVID disability employment; and more. To close the conference, we will have a virtual tabling event highlighting partnering agencies that provide varying support services.

If your agency is interested in having your brochures or information available to our attendees, please contact the WIPA team at
Click HERE to register for the Conference

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