Welcome to the Federal Work-Study (FWS) forms sectiion for both Supervisors and Students. 

Forms for Supervisors

These forms must be submitted before any department can hire Federal Work Study (FWS) students.  Submit all completed forms to
  1. Student Employee Request & Job Description on campus 2020-2021 
  2. Student Employee Request & Job Description for remote work 2020-2021 
  3. Supervisors Rights & Responsibilities
 Forms for Students (requires printing & signatures) I-9 Form—Employment Eligibility Verification (PDF and Paper versions available)
FWS earnings are considered taxable income and are treated as any other income when filling tax returns; therefore, student employees must also complete and sign the following forms: Note: Students must have FICA taxes withheld if working at an off-campus agency/site and/or working during the Winter Session.

Submit documents by following the instructions found in this link or by watching the following;