AES Assessment Committee (AESAC)

A key piece of the strengthening of the AES Assessment infrastructure at Hostos was the establishment of a new AES Assessment Committee (AESAC) in Summer 2020. While the college is no stranger to committees that support academic assessment, there has never been a committee to support AES Assessment until now.
The AESAC was formed with a clear vision for how to better systematize how the college manages, supports, and improves AES assessment processes at Hostos (the Annual Planning and Assessment Reporting Process and the newly redesigned AES Program Reflection Process) by ensuring that the capacity, knowledge, and perspectives for doing so is rooted in a cross-divisional group. The AES Assessment Committee’s (AESAC) purpose is to provide support, guidance, and assistance to AES units throughout the college undergoing annual assessment and periodic assessment processes, as well as work to find ways to improve them.

The AESAC, which ultimately reports to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC), will serve as both a technical assistance and advisory/brainstorming group. The AESAC is chaired by Dereck Norville-Bowie (Associate Director of Institutional Research and Assessment) and Babette Audant (Assistant Dean for Institutional Effectiveness, Strategic Planning and Assessment) and includes the following members:
Name Role Division
Pearl Shavzin-Dremeaux Operations Manager ADM
Samuel Byrd Transition and Advising Coordinator CEWD
Silvia Reyes Director of Special Projects and Student Engagement OAA
Elbagina Bonilla Strategic Planning and Assessment Specialist SDEM
Maria Cano Director of College Discovery SDEM
Carlos Rivera Director of Admissions and Recruitment SDEM

For more information about the structure and work of the AESAC, click here.

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