SAP Policies and Procedures

  1. Personal Statement – In a paragraph or more, explain the unusual circumstances. Please be as detailed as possible. “Personal issues” are not detailed enough to be considered a reasonable or unusual circumstance. Share what factors beyond your control contributed to your academic situation. Describe how these factors had a direct impact on your academic performance (be specific). Provide a concise explanation of the extenuating circumstances that were out of your control and that affected your academic performance. Provide information relative to the time period and duration of your hardship. If you performed well in other courses but not a specific course, be very clear about what factors influenced your performance in that specific course and why other courses were not affected.

  2. Most students will be required to upload an “SAP academic plan.” In a paragraph or more, explain your plan of action and steps that will be taken to improve your academic performance. Share the steps that you are taking now and any action that you will take to prevent this from happening again. It is helpful to share the names of specific people you will meet with and the resources you will use. Share if and how the problem has been resolved and what, if anything, has changed about the factors which impacted your academic performance. Share any adjustments you made to get back on track. Summarize why your appeal should be considered for approval.

    • Upload copies of Medical/other necessary documents (if applicable) to support the appeal – Examples: Medical Court /Legal Documents, Birth certificate (child), Police reports, Letter from a Doctor/Counselor/Therapist, Death Certificate/Memorial Card. 

  3. Students whose appeals are approved will be advised of the academic requirements they must meet while on probation. Students will also be advised of possible consequences should they fail to meet those requirements. A student’s performance will be reviewed at the end of the semester to determine if they qualify for aid for the subsequent semester.

  4. If your federal financial aid is reinstated, it will be automatically applied to your Hostos Community College financial aid record.

  5. Students whose appeals are denied, or those who have not submitted an appeal who choose to attend Hostos Community College without Title IV federal financial aid, may request a review of their academic records after the completion of additional credits to determine whether the courses completed have brought them up to the appropriate standards.

  6. Students cannot automatically regain eligibility simply by paying for their classes or registering for classes after a period of non-attendance.

  7. All students on academic probation are expected to consult with their academic advisors regarding academic support services that are available at Hostos Community College.

Please note that submitting incomplete documentation may result in a delay in processing and/or a denial of your appeal.