Orientation Day

We know attending college for the first time can be a little confusing, but we are here to help! Beginning this exciting journey can generate a lot of question and concerns.  Our Success Coaches are excited to meet with you!  

Attend to our Virtual New Student Orientation 
For a better experience it is recommended to log on to our Virtual Orientation from a personal computer or laptop.  During Orientation, students will learn how to contact campus resources including: Admissions, Financial Aid, The Counseling Center, the Center for Student Accessibility, and the Library to name a few.  Students who miss their Orientation appointment may schedule a one-on-one registration appointment with a Coach but must reach out to SSCU@hostos.cuny.edu and inform the staff that they missed Orientation             
What major will you be interested in pursuing at Hostos Community College? 
Hostos Community College offers a wide array of Associate Degrees and Certificate Programs for its students.   

CUNYFirst It is important to Claim your CUNY First account before attending our virtual orientation as you will be using this platform to enroll for courses along with Schedule  Builder

The majority of the Fall 2021 course will be offered online. It is important to know the types of online classes offered:  
  • Synchronous courses: they are online classes that all class activities will take place via a virtual setting like blackboard collaboration or zoom, etc at specific times. The meeting times and days for these courses will be posted on Cunyfirst. Yes, Student will be meeting with a professor as well as students would see some of your classmates. This is the closest to mimic a regular in person course.  Cunyfirst will also let you know when you register for a course that if it will be a synchronous online course.                  
  • Asynchronous courses: are online courses where All class activities will take place online via the Internet, they also do not require students to meet at any specific time or day. On cunyfirst the meeting times and days for these types of courses will always mention TBA but as a reminder these courses are not required to meet at any given date or time. Students taking these types of courses it's heavily suggest it that you read and understand the course syllabus. Students will still receive a professor that they can ask questions to and can still provide office hours if students need them. Asynchronous courses are the standard for most online courses here at Hostos. 
Orientation Schedule will consist of check in, presentation, enrollment and check out. The virtual orientation is scheduled to go until you complete enrolling for all your classes and have been checked out.  If you are unable to complete enrollment on the day of orientation, you will be scheduled a follow up appointment with a Success Coach to complete enrollment.