As the Chancellor pointed out in his message of March 24, 2020, the University is designating the period from Friday, March 27 to Wednesday, April 1 as a Recalibration Period for Educational Equity. All distance learning activities will resume on Thursday, April 2. In addition, the Spring Recess will be adjusted to run from April 8 to Friday, April 10.

In this period from March 27 to April 1, we will redouble our efforts to identify those members of our community who need equipment to access instruction and to allow our colleagues to share their best practices as we continue the transition to distance learning. In addition, as this rapidly evolving situation continues to unfold, we will be sharing information from the University and our elected officials. As we have said in the past, please check with the College’s website for the latest information including support and services available in our community to provide assistance in these trying times.

It is also important to acknowledge the amazing work that has been done by faculty, the Ed Tech and Information Technology staff. You have all shown courage, creativity, determination and extraordinary perseverance in support of our students. Each day we receive an email or call from a member of our faculty sharing an approach or technique they are utilizing even though this is the first time they have taught a distance learning course in their careers. That enthusiasm and dedication is what will sustain us in the weeks ahead.

Ed Tech and Information Technology prepared the Hostos READY page. Check that resource area frequently and your e-mail for Daily READY Tips on how to be prepared for your Distance Education and where to find help when you need it.

Again, thank you for your commitment during this time.