INTO London World Education Centre English teacher Arnaldo Griffin, who is a 2004 Hostos alumnus and the son of the College’s Chief of Public Safety Arnaldo Bernabe, wanted a novel way to work with his students to develop their academic English skills. The answer was a student-run event to raise awareness of an issue important to them.

His students debated a number of philanthropic topics in class, before deciding on climate change as their theme. From there, they decided on organizing a panel discussion as the best method of raising awareness of climate change, and researching who would be appropriate to serve on the panel. It was then that things really got cooking. Students – 16 in all, from China, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Thailand – organized themselves around a series of tasks, from researching and contacting potential panelists, to writing and designing a leaflet for the event, creating and practicing a PowerPoint presentation they would each deliver to a live audience before the panel took to stage, and promoting the event throughout their center to students and faculty.
Read about his important work here.

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