Soldanela book

On Thursday, November 1, Director of Presidential Strategic Initiatives at Hostos and first-time author Soldanela Rivera presented her new memoir, “View for Death,” at the Longwood Art Gallery.

Written in memoriam of Rivera’s late husband, Dan Larsen, “View for Death” tells the story of her experiences as Larsen’s caregiver and is dedicated to caregivers around the world.

In a conversation with Professor Eunice Flemister, Rivera discussed the book, caregiving, helping women caregivers, the power of grief, and creative writing as a means of healing.

“The writing was a space where I could put all this out there, what I was feeling: my anger, my sadness, my fear,” she shared. “And no one was there to say ‘no, you shouldn’t feel that way; no, you should fight this; no, you should feel this way; no, you should do this.’ And that was incredibly liberating.”

Rivera also shared the title of the book was inspired by the view they had from her husband’s hospital room on the 23rd floor of Herlev Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark. She recalled marveling at the magnificent view from the room, the calming effect it had on her and how it made her think, “The architects, they’re giving us a view for death.”

“View for Death” is available in English and Spanish in print on the book’s website and as an eBook on Amazon. Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward helping women caregivers in New York and Puerto Rico who are in dire straits. “I can’t fix everybody’s life, but I can with a small gesture, make it a little better,” Rivera said. 

Learn more about Soldanela Rivera’s debut memoir, “View for Death,” here.