On Thursday, February 25, Eugenio María de Hostos Community College kicked-off the newly created “Dr. Nasry Michelen Allied Health Lecture Series." The timely inaugural presentation was dedicated to mental health and held immediately after the College's annual Dominican Heritage Month academic scholarship and awards ceremony.
The esteemed Dr. Rafael Lantigua opened the lecture and welcomed the thoughtful and generous Dr. Warren Y. K. Ng, Outpatient Behavioral Science, Columbia University. The presentation is a must-hear for these uncertain and difficult times.
The “Dr. Nasry Michelen Allied Health Lecture Series” comes to Hostos thanks in part to Associate Dean García Reyes' community outreach work. The Dr. Nasry Michelen Foundation’s distinguished Board of Directors worked closely with Hostos to bring this lecture series to the College to honor Dr. Michelen and unite people and empower them with tools and knowledge.
“The ‘Dr. Nasry Michelen Allied Health Lecture Series’ is a significant step forward for the mission of the Nasry Michelen Foundation. His legacy was all about giving back, and between Hostos and the Foundation we want to make sure we fulfill that promise,” said Associate Dean of Community Relations Ana García Reyes.
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