Hostos New Staff 2018

As we embark upon a new academic year, we are pleased to send a warm welcome to the newly appointed Hostos Community College faculty members:

Row 1, l-r:
Humberto Ballesteros Capasso, Assistant Professor Humanities
Kattiria Rosario Gonzalez, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Mayra L. Mojica Butler, Lecturer, Business

Row 2, l-r:
Victoria M. Muñoz, Assistant Professor, English
Norberto Michel Hernandez Valdez-Portela, Instructor, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Sandra Chen, Assistant Professor, Humanities

Row 3, l-r:
Simona Prives, Assistant Professor, Humanities
Stacey J. Cooper, Assistant Professor, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Victor Torres-Velez, Assistant Professor, Humanities

Row 4, l-r:
Kathleen Delgado, Instructor, Natural Sciences
Jung Hang Lee, Assistant Professor, Mathematics