image of woman looking for water
"Chennai's Preventable Water Scarcity Crisis”
By Folusho Maryann Adeoti-1st Prize
Professor Inda, co-chair of The Earth Week Committee and organizer of the Science Art Contest “Landscapes: Problems and Solution” proudly announces the winners of this Earth Week spring semester 2021. One hundred and twenty-seven people voted the top three winning students.
Image of a duck with mask

Folusho Maryann Adeoti from Liberal Arts with her title, "Chennai's Preventable Water Scarcity Crisis” won first prize. Dental Hygiene program student Reola Alexanderi’s "The Masked Duckling​" took second prize. And Hector Lamutte, from Liberal Arts and Science took third prize with "Asphyxiating the Earth."

painting of a country landscape

The image presentations and photo essays can be found on the link below:
The purpose of the Earth Week Science-Art Contest is meant to engage all students in the arts and sciences, to create awareness of the importance of the care of the natural environment, and ultimately to promote students’ finding solutions for the problems they identify in order to create a real change in our Community.
*This event was made possible thanks to the support of the Women in Science Club and the Office of Students Activities. Please, contact Professor Inda for further information: