Medical Emergencies

  1. All medical emergencies should be reported immediately to the Department of Campus Police & Security Services, ext. 6888.

  2. If the medical emergency is life threatening, then call 911 before dialing the Department of Campus Police & Security Services.

    1. When making the calls, give your name; describe the nature and severity of the medical problem and the campus location of the victim. Try to answer all of the questions the dispatcher asks you and let him/her hang-up the phone first.
    2. Do not move the victim.
    3. If you are certified in CPR and First Aid and able to help, then try to assist the victim until help arrives.
    4. Look for emergency medical ID’s such as bracelets on injured persons and try to keep the victim as comfortable as possible until emergency personnel arrive.
  3. If a medical problem is non-life threatening, call the Department of Campus Police & Security Services.
    1. If the victim can be safely moved then he/she will either be escorted by Campus Police personnel to Health Services.

    2. If Campus Police personnel believe that a victim should not be moved or that emergency medical care is required immediately, then they will call 911.
    3. When available college Health Services personnel will be contacted and requested by Campus Police & Security personnel during all medical emergencies.

Medical Emergencies that are Psychiatric in Nature

Whenever an individual demonstrates or reports a risk for self-destructive or suicidal behavior, immediate assistance is needed.

  1. If the situation poses an imminent physical danger, call 6888 to reach the Public Safety dispatcher’s desk.

  2. If imminent physical danger is not posed then call the Counseling Department ext. 4319 and/or the Dean of Students office at ext.6554. If a response from either of these two areas is unavailable contact the Campus Police & Security Service Department at ext.6888.

  3. Referral can be made to the Dean of Students or counseling office, however we encourage notification to the Department of Campus Police & Security Service as well.